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Single Page

A single page website is ideal for businesses that wish to have a web presence but don’t wish to spend the time and money developing a full website.

A web presence means that anyone that goes to your web address can view your company logo, contact details, opening times or anything else you want. Your web page will be designed and built specifically for you by one of our professional web developers.


  • Get an online web presence
  • Improve your company image
  • Have you own web developer
  • Web design unique to you.
  • Quick service finished within 1 week

How It Works

5 steps

Step 1: Submit Order

Submit you order online

Step 2: Consultation

A Web Designer contacts you to discuss webpage

Step 3: Send Content

Send us your content and images

Step 4: View Design

You receive an email to view the design

Step 5: Published

Your webpage is completed and published



The pricing has two components:

  • Development £40 one-off
  • Hosting £35 per year
only £75
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