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Our Site Builder allows you to easily create your own website in as little as 20 minutes without any training. You start by choosing a website template from a wide selection you can then create pages and insert your own logo, images, colour choices and content. The online website builder guides you through each of the five simple steps.


  • Create your own website in 20 minutes
  • Choose from a wide selection of templates
  • Add your own images, colour schemes and content
  • Add forums, blogs, galleries, portfolios and more
  • Quick and easy with no training required

How It Works

5 easy steps

Step 1: Start

Select the type of site to create

Step 2: Design

Select the design for your site

Step 3: Pages

Create the structure of your site

Step 4: Edit

Create the content of your site

Step 5: Publish

Publish your site to the server

create a new website in 20 mins

no web experience required


a year

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